What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Whether you want to augment your bottom in the trendy style of Kim Kardashian, restore more youthful contours, or you want your clothing to fit more attractively, a Brazilian Butt Lift can give you the shapely derrière of your dreams.

This very popular procedure is not technically a “lift” because it does not reposition sagging skin or require implants. Instead, the appearance of lift is achieved by transferring fat to your butt from some other part of your body. So, if you’ve been wishing for a little less fat somewhere else, you can achieve two aesthetic goals with one procedure, effectively enhancing the shapeliness of your entire lower body.  

Here’s How It Works

Brazilian Butt Lift is performed as an outpatient procedure at our state-of-the-art surgical center. We will work with you to choose the most preferable anesthesia option.

First, the surgeon uses liposuction to carefully remove excess fat from the abdomen, hips, thighs, or lower back. Then, some of that fat is injected into strategically selected positions within the buttocks. It takes particular skill and experience to know the right amount of fat necessary to produce the desired results. Your surgeon may inject a little more than needed, because not all the fat cells will survive.

You may experience some pain immediately following your surgery, but should be minimal and we will give you medication for it. The most important post-surgery factor is that you will not be able to put pressure on your buttocks, because that can cause fat to shift. You will not be able to lie on your back or sit directly on your buttocks (except to use the bathroom) for the first 2 weeks. After that, you will be able to sit and lie in a modified position until, about 8 weeks after surgery, you should be ready to sit and lie down normally.

You’ll be able to return to light activity within a week or so of your procedure. And in about 6 months, after residual swelling has gone away, your newly curvaceous bottom will be fully revealed.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Brazilian Butt Lift can be an ideal option for almost any adult woman or man who wants to change the shape or proportions of their buttocks. There is one caveat, however -- if you are too lean, your body will not have enough excess fat cells that can be used to augment your backside. Most people, though, are good candidates if you wish to:

  • Make your butt bigger
  • Make your butt shapelier
  • Make your butt more youthful-looking
  • Help you reduce fat in common “problem areas”
  • Make your clothes fit much better, if your butt is currently flat
  • Achieve more balanced upper and lower body contours

The best candidates for any surgery have realistic expectations about results, are in good health overall, and do not smoke.  

Distinguished Surgeons with an Eye for Art

Cosmetic plastic surgery is an exacting medical procedure that calls for exceptional skill and experience in order to produce the most beautiful results possible. But it also requires an artistic eye and the talent to transform that vision into each patient’s aesthetic goal.

Every surgeon on our team at Beverly Hills Sunset Surgical Center is world-renowned in his or her own right. They are top celebrity physicians but also board-certified in their surgical specialties, and now available for consults and surgeries at our Dubai clinic. We know you want the best for yourself, and that is our mission. At BHSSC, we provide the finest care available, in an environment that is both comfortable and comforting.  

If you’re ready to improve the size or shape of your bottom, we can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. However, every surgery is an individually-tailored procedure. By scheduling a personal consultation, you can meet us and we can learn about your specific concerns and aesthetic goals.  

Still Have Questions?

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