Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Procedure: What to Expect, Before and After Images

Rhinoplasty – or nose shaping, or a "nose job," if you prefer – can change the appearance of your nose, correct breathing problems, or both. If your goal is cosmetic change, you can achieve just a subtle difference or significantly alter the size or shape of your nose. Even work done to improve breathing can sometimes alter the external details of your nose. So what will your new nose look like?

It’s easy to know what you don’t like about your nose. You want it to look “better.” Or function better. Before you can have a meaningful discussion with your rhinoplasty surgeon, though, you’ll need to be a little more specific. That starts with knowing what a nose job can and cannot accomplish.

Realistic expectations are the key to happiness

There is no such thing as the perfect nose. What looks just-right on someone else’s face might look all out of proportion on yours. You are most likely to be delighted with your surgically enhanced nose if you think in terms of facial harmony and balance. Your nose may not be perfect, but it is an attractive accompaniment to your overall facial shape and structure.

To accomplish that, we can:

  •         Make your nose more symmetrical
  •         Make your nose smaller (or larger) overall
  •         Widen the bridge or make it narrower or more elevated
  •         Change the size or shape of one or both nostrils
  •         Refine a tip that is bulbous, pointy, droopy or upturned, or hooked
  •         Remove a hump or smooth a depression along the top of your nose

If you have chronic breathing problems and also want to make aesthetic changes to your nose, we can perform the two surgical procedures -- rhinoplasty and septoplasty -- in a single "rhinoseptoplasty" procedure.

Photos tell the best story

We can describe what changes are possible with rhinoplasty, but the best way to get a realistic idea of how those changes might look on you is to review before and after photos of real patients. We especially encourage you to view our before and after images below, because that is where you will see results achieved by our own rhinoplasty surgeons – one of whom will be performing your own surgery.

Our surgeons are, frankly, the cream of the crop. They are board certified, which verifies their medical knowledge and specific surgical skills. They are also renowned and highly respected worldwide – surgeons to celebrities as well as the not-famous. That matters, because when you’re considering potential results, you want a surgeon whose artistic skill is as exceptional as their surgical finesse. At BHSSCI by Meraas, you can be confident you are getting the best.

But you still want to look at those before and after photos. To make the most relevant comparisons, look for people who are the same gender and about the same age and ethnicity as you. Focus on people whose initial concerns were the same as yours, because their results will be most telling.

Reviewing photos can also help you clarify just what kind of changes you want. For that, it can be helpful to look at lots of photos, from sources other than our own surgeons. This will give you a broader idea about the possibilities and examine more closely how different shape noses look on different shaped faces.

By the time you’re ready to commit to rhinoplasty, you will be a connoisseur of noses. And you will be well-prepared to have an informative and personally rewarding discussion with your surgeon about your own procedure. During your consultation, we can actually show you what your new nose will look like, using New Look Now pre-surgical digital imaging. 

Whether your ultimate goal is a subtle change, a significant remodel, or simply a chance to breathe freely, knowing what to realistically expect will help you achieve a successful outcome.  

Patient #1: Minimally Invasive (Closed) Rhinoplasty - 16 year old with bony narrow middle nose and wide bulbous tip with difficulty breathing. Underwent Minimally Invasive (Closed) Rhinoplasty with no external incisions, tip refinement, and hump takedown with spreader grafting to give a more uniform, pleasant appearance to the middle of the nose. Breathing significantly improved and returned to school the next week without any notice.





 **Patient #2: Minimally Invasive Closed Rhinoplasty - Beautiful already, this sweet, young lady wanted to improve the overall balance and proportions of her face. As you can see the appearance of the nose looking much softer and cuter than before. Her face now looks much younger and more balanced.





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