Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Dubai

Why not have the body you want? You work hard to achieve a healthy, attractive, and well-toned appearance, but sometimes you need a bit more help.

Cosmetic enhancement can transform your life. There are procedures to correct imperfections or make aesthetic changes to your appearance that please you, boosting your self-image and confidence. Thanks to amazing advances in medical science and technology, we can address challenges everywhere on your body, in ways that are less invasive but produce beautifully natural-looking results.

And we can do that right here in Dubai, at Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International. Here are five popular plastic surgery procedures you may not know about:

Lip lift

Everyone knows that dermal filler injections can make lips look plump, smooth, and youthful, whether your lips are naturally thin or you’ve lost volume due to aging. But a lip lift reshapes your upper lip in a different way. It’s a perfect example of how a tiny bit of plastic surgery can make a dramatic difference – subtle but noticeable.

A lip lift makes the upper lip smaller, by shortening the distance between the base of the nose and the vermillion (dark) part of the lip. The slightly upturned upper lip creates an attractive, curvaceous appearance in repose as well as when you smile. Not everyone is a good candidate for lip lift, so you’ll want to learn more. Dr. Talei explains more on our instagram post

Buccal fat extraction

Chubby cheeks are cute when you’re a baby, but some people never quite outgrow those “apples” or a general baby-fat look. Smoothly rounded facial contours imply youth and vigor, but you also want to look like the sophisticated adult you are now. There’s a plastic surgery procedure for that – buccal (cheek) fat extraction -- that gently removes excess fat in the cheek area, for a youthful but not plump appearance.

Because no one’s face is perfectly symmetrical, we can also use buccal fat extraction in some cases to create a more balanced appearance. Our Dr. Andrew Ordon is a recognized world authority in buccal extraction.

Vaser Hi-Def Lipo for arms, knees, calves, and ankles

Vaser liposuction can do a lot more than define your abs and contour your hips. This wildly popular procedure removes stubborn fat deposits to create a smooth, lean, and muscled look for your arms as well as legs from thighs to ankles. It can also provide a certain degree of skin tightening and lifting. And it’s faster and more comfortable than traditional lipo.

Why hide? Whether you live here in Dubai year round or you reside where warm weather is seasonal, exposed body parts that look their best are a must. With Vaser hi-def liposuction, you’ll be prepared (and proud) to take off your shirt or slip into a sundress and sandals or your swimsuit at a moment’s notice.

Plastic Surgery in Dubai

Fat transfer to breast

More and more women are opting for natural breast augmentation. If your goal is modest enlargement or restoration of volume lost to aging, fat transfer can be an excellent alternative to implants. We use liposuction to gently remove fat cells from one part of your body (say, your thighs or tummy) and then transplant them into your breasts to add volume and/or reshape. No worries about allergic reaction or rejection because they are your own cells.  

The O Lift facelift

Not only have we seen an explosion in the number and types of plastic surgery now available, but traditional procedures have also changed significantly as well. Long gone are the days when a facelift was an all-or-nothing surgery that left you looking oddly unnatural. These days, we can offer several different types of facelifts, each one designed to address specific issues in the least invasive but most effective way. And all producing entirely natural results.

And, thanks to plastic surgery pioneers like our own Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Ritu Chopra, facelift refinement continues. The O Lift is a lower-impact, less-expensive alternative that is especially popular with patients looking for “pre-emptive” surgery to head off signs of aging. The technique was developed by Drs. Ordon and Chopra for their Beverly Hills patients, but you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative technique at our BHSSCI Clinic in Dubai.

In fact, our Dubai Clinic offers a wealth of opportunities when it comes to plastic surgery procedures of all types, for men as well as women. You can avail yourself of the very latest treatment, in the hands of one of the world’s best known and respected surgeons, in an environment that provides the ultimate in luxurious, personalized care. Why wait any longer? 

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