How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon in Dubai


No matter what type of plastic surgery you’re considering, the most important decision you will make is choosing your surgeon. Plastic and aesthetic surgical procedures can make structural changes to your features, "buff up" your appearance, or dramatically reduce signs of aging. The outcome will be visible to everyone – which is the point, isn’t it?

You are literally putting your body, often your face, in someone else’s hands to make that happen. Their medical knowledge and surgical skill will directly affect your results. So there’s a lot at stake in choosing your plastic surgeon.


An artistic eye and a deft hand

The first thing you should look for in a plastic surgeon is advanced medical training. Medical science, surgical techniques, and technology are changing rapidly. With a doctor who stays on the cutting edge of trends and best practices, you can enjoy the benefits of the very latest advice and treatment innovations.

Next, ask about their hands-on experience – especially performing the specific procedure you are considering. Every patient and every type of surgery are a bit different. The best surgeon is one who knows not only the possibilities but the challenges that may present themselves, to ensure you get the very best results possible.

Do you like what you see?

You’re considering plastic surgery because you want to achieve a certain result. The only way to know if a surgeon is really great at translating patient desires into exceptional visible results is to look at examples of their own work. Review as many photos as you can, focusing on their past patients who are physically similar to you and whose initial concerns were similar to yours.

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Get a second opinion

These days it is easy to find out what others think of your prospective plastic surgeon. You might ask friends and family members for referrals. Reading online reviews and ratings can help you uncover new details, confirm your first impressions, even point up additional questions you should ask.

Has the surgeon received special accolades – awards or honors, for example? These also provide third-party confirmation of the surgeon’s knowledge and reputation.

A great site to use for plastic surgeon reviews is

Comfort zone

The plastic surgeon you choose will become your partner in achieving your aesthetic goals. That requires honest discussion, and that requires trust. So it’s crucial to choose someone who makes you feel comfortable. Comfort cannot be quantified, but you know when you feel it, don’t you? This is one reason it is so important to meet your surgeon in person.

Choose exceptional: BHSSCI by Meraas in Dubai

It’s your body, so why would you settle for a plastic surgeon who is anything less than outstanding? At Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International, our surgeons are among the world’s finest -- all are board certified in their specialties and world-renowned in performing in their areas of expertise. They are not only highly respected in their field, they are highly prized by patients.

Our practice includes surgeons who are board-certified (often in multiple specialties), well-experienced in the procedures they perform and dedicated above all to individual patient care and outcomes. They not only use cutting-edge techniques in their work, our Drs. Ordon and Chopra developed a new, more refined facelift technique. Our other doctors have also pioneered procedures in their areas of expertise too. 

This is why the doctors who make our team are sought-after by famous celebrities and others whose livelihoods depend on their looks, by business leaders for whom a healthy, youthful appearance says “smart and powerful,” and by men and women worldwide who simply want to look as attractive and vibrant as they feel.

You don’t even have to travel to Beverly Hills or elsewhere to access their exceptional talents, we bring them to you here in Dubai. You can meet our team members here – reading their bios underscores why we call them The Stars!

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