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One of the frustrations of getting older is that our skin loses moisture as well as elasticity. It grows dull and lifeless. We start to see wrinkles and other imperfections. We look tired. If you’re wishing you could restore that vibrant, youthful glow to your face, mesotherapy may be the answer. Best of all, you do not have to be “of a certain age” to enjoy the benefits of mesotherapy. It’s quite popular for anyone that is looking to simply be more proactive about their skin care.

We are proud to offer this innovative alternative treatment at Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International in Dubai.

What is mesotherapy?

This is an injection-based treatment that targets unwanted fat and loose skin. Tiny amounts of a specially-formulated blend of nourishing ingredients are injected into the middle (meso) skin layer, where they then go to work helping the body naturally rebuild circulation and reduce inflammation, to produce fresher, smoother skin and shapelier contours.

Every doctor creates their own unique blend of ingredients, using natural substances such as vitamins and minerals, hormones, enzymes, or herbal extracts. In some cases, they may add prescription medications such as antibiotics or vasodilators.

Mesotherapy was developed by a doctor in France and has been used by the medical community worldwide for more than 50 years. Originally used to treat pain, it quickly became popular for helping reduce fat as well as tighten and brighten skin. So while you can choose mesotherapy treatments to help restore a dewy glow to your face, you might also consider this option to smooth and rejuvenate skin elsewhere on your body.

Here at BHSSCI, we can use mesotherapy treatments to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, irregular pigmentation and cellulite, and to reduce fat on the arms, tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks and legs.

Benefits of mesotherapy

This treatment offers an alternative to other types of facial skin rejuvenation. Compared to surgical liposuction for fat removal, mesotherapy is faster, requires little downtime, involves few risks, and is more affordable.

Despite the fact that mesotherapy has been used for many years, there have not been many studies done to substantiate results. One reason is that this treatment is used in a variety of ways, but the primary reason is that there is that the injected solution does not follow a standard formula. Each doctor uses what they believe will be most valuable for the patient’s condition and goals.

Here are some of our patients and their flawless results.


How does it work?

We perform the treatment right here in our BHSSCI clinic. Appointments may take just 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. We will first apply a numbing agent, then use tiny, short needles to inject the solution into the mesoderm.

Mesotherapy works by stimulating the body’s own natural growth and restoration processes, so it takes multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. Patients usually start to see improvement right away, but as many as 10 sessions may be needed, depending on the location and severity of their skin challenges. We also recommend periodic refresher treatments for future maintenance.

Some patients experience temporary, mild swelling or bruising at the injection sites, in which case a day off may be best. However, most people are able to go right back to their normal routine following treatment.



Why BHSSCI for mesotherapy?

Regardless of your goal in choosing mesotherapy, it is crucial to choose a provider who is knowledgeable and experienced with this procedure. This ensures your safety as well as opportunity to achieve the best possible results. It is easy to feel confident when you visit BHSSCI because the cosmetic surgeons on our team represent the top of their field internationally.

Every member of our medical support staff is also highly trained, personable and devoted to providing the ultimate in-patient care. We want you to feel comfortable as well as confident.  

Try it for yourself

What do you have to lose other than dull, dry, tired-looking skin? It’s easy to schedule an appointment to learn more about how mesotherapy might restore that “wow” glow to your face – and maybe even help you smooth and firm other areas of your body as well.

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