Dr. Paul Nassif, Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon, joins BHSSCI

You don’t have to be in the sports business to assemble a dream team. We’re proof of that here at Beverly Hills Sunset Surgery Center International in Dubai. Our lineup of cosmetic and plastic surgeons reads like a Who’s Who of the world’s most renowned and respected experts in their specialties. Now, we are thrilled to announce that Dr. Paul Nassif has joined the BHSSCI team. We know you’ll be thrilled, too.


You probably know Dr. Paul Nassif MD, FACS. He is one of the two primary doctors on E!’s popular show Botched and he has been a regular on E! Entertainment’s Doctor 90210. But he’s not merely a Beverly Hills-based media star. Dr. Paul Nassif is a highly distinguished facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon – a pioneer in his field known for successfully treating patients whose cases are both critical and complicated.

Dr. Nassif is recognized internationally by his peers, not only for his surgical prowess but for his work as a lecturer on the latest surgical techniques and as the author of multiple peer-reviewed scholarly articles.

Trusted with Noses Worldwide®

Dr. Nassif specializes in revision and ethnic rhinoplasty. He knows each patient wants the best possible results -- a look they love that looks entirely natural for them. These days, patients of all races are embracing ethnic rhinoplasty to accomplish whatever changes they wish to make to their nose or face without sacrificing the essence of who they are.

Dr. Nassif’s goal is always to create overall harmony and balance. That takes a deft hand, an artist’s eye, and precise attention to detail. It’s why Dr. Nassif is indeed Trusted with Noses Worldwide®.

Dr. Paul Nassif is also expert in performing multiple facelift techniques suitable for a wide range of ages and desired lift levels, particularly his own “Anti-Gravity Facelift” technique (sometimes called the Beverly Hills Facelift®). In addition, he performs neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and chin and cheek augmentation procedures.

But revision is his first love

A bad nose job is not what you had in mind, but sometimes that’s what you get. Maybe, now that you see your results, you find you’d like a little more change. Occasionally, rhinoplasty can leave patients with breathing difficulties. All too often, however, the problem is simply botched surgery. Or a botched alternative procedure. It’s all wrong, perhaps dramatically wrong.

For all these reasons, patients worldwide seek out Dr. Nassif for corrective nose surgery. Dr. Paul Nassif has worked his reconstructive “magic” even in cases where success seemed unlikely. But there is nothing magical about his work. Revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than any initial procedure. It can require undoing what was done before in order to make effective repairs or alterations. It requires a plastic surgeon with exceptional skill and experience. Dr. Paul Nassif.

Simply put, Dr. Nassif brings hope to those who to those with serious reconstructive needs and restored self-confidence to all his rhinoplasty and facial surgery patients.

Here is an example of a revision rhinoplasty patient that Dr. Nassif helped: 

Dr. Nassif Rhinoplasty

Dr. Paul Nassif Rhinoplasty

Dr. Nassif will be taking appointments at BHSSCI Dubai in 2020 

Unhappy with your botched nose job? Get it fixed by one of the world’s most accomplished, and most trusted, reconstructive plastic surgeons. Better yet, get your rhinoplasty or facial surgery done right the first time. Now that Dr. Nassif has joined our BHSSCI team, you can take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to meet with and be treated by him, right here in Dubai.

Dr. Nassif will be available only for a limited schedule. The dates are not yet confirmed, but we encourage you to contact us right away if you are interested in a consultation with Dr. Nassif.

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